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Cara Jae + FAQs 

Owner/Operator of CaraJae Hair

Qualified Hairstylist with over 10years in the hair industry ,specialist in high Quality Wig design, hair extensions and session styling. 

The story of CaraJae all began with passion and drive. Being able to provide a high quality product that I was proud of has taken me years of research, education and individual skill,Whilst working along side big companies in Australia ,Freedom Couture.

To create units my clients can be proud of wearing. 

A NewZealand based company that provides exceptional service and helps to each individual need. 

creating ready to ship units to cater for women who would love to have the latest collection at their fingertips, and customised units for women who would like to pick and choose their own style and get on the creative journey with me. 

I really enjoy what I do and it would not be possible without everyones support so I am so grateful . I thank you .



Frequently asked questions:


Q: Are they custom made or do you have some already made?
A: All of the cara Jae wigs are either custom made or ready to ship items. 
The ready to ship items are pre made units made by myself, that are up for sale or pre order, off myself or through the cara jae website. These ready to ship items are as is units ,they can not be specifically changed. 
I am currently sold out due to Christmas rush but in the making of 3 new ready to ship items which i can send through to you to look at , these will be ready in 2x weeks. 
- the Custom units are specifically designed by you , you get to choose the colour and the cut that you feel will best suit your needs. this is best with a few photos sent through of what you were looking for plus a few other questions I ask to make sure It will be suitable for you. 
these units being custom can take from 4-8weeks due to high specifications. 
Q: Does the wig construction have ear tabs?
A: No, This type of full lace wig does not have ear tabs and would require using Tape or Super qlue to hold the lace into place. This does require a little bit more work but does look super natural once applied properly. 
Q: Is the wig easy to apply and is it ok for every day use? work etc?
A: ABSOLUTELY ! these units are so easy to use, it is carefree!
the units each come with a band to secure around your head and 4x clips for extra support, if the clips are not needed there are special techniques that i like to talk you through to make sure you are able to secure it onto the scalp so you can go a full day of not having to worry. this process takes under 5mins once you are used to the process and will last until you want to take it off. 
you will be able to tie your hair up , leave it down , straighten it, curl it , you name it , all you need to do is treat it like it is your own hair, eg: use heat protectant when you use hot tools, and wash it once or twice a week if wearing everyday .the units do come with a hair bible on how to wash the wig and maintain it. 
Q: What kind of hair do you use? how long do the wigs usually last without thinning? 
A: Cara Jae wigs are made from Cambodian cashmere AAA remy hair.
I  use this type of hair because it is the most durable, thickest and smoothest hair on the market today. I also work along side a small company in Cambodia which is great to know you are helping another country in need and create a good relationship with them. 
Because I am a hairdresser by trade I am very used to colouring all hair types and I have found this hair amazing, being able to achieve the most amazing colours, no shedding and the natural thickness. 
Q:How do i know if a am eligable for a Wig substity? 
A: If you head to this link you may be eligable for a government substity which I am currently in process with the ministry of health to accept those payment options if that helps in any way. 
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