Terms and conditions of Cara Jae Wigs  Please read this information well.It may contain details regarding your rights, obligations and limitations that meet your overall concern.Your confirmation of any order indicates your acceptance of our terms and conditions of supply and custom orders.   We try our very and upmost best to deliver every unit to your each individual standards/requests. Because our hair is 100% human virgin hair and every piece has an individual donor, we can not guarantee hair colour or texture of the unit. the units range in straight, wavy and curly. and natural virgin units are colours 1b and 2 natural. we do however get other ranges from time to time and happy to notify you when we have them in stock. They can be customized to your preferred colour but not guaranteed.All units are individually colour tested, water tested and heat resistant tested, in prevention of any discomforts. No Wig will be sold without undergoing these tests and as proof we take photos of the units once styled to insure the quality. 

Payment. Payments are always 100% upfront. We are currently taking Paypal and credit transactions  GENOAPAY- is available on all orders and has 10x weekly payments. If your were after this service please contact the team via email caraj.stylist@gmail.com and we can assist you in setting up your account and payments.  We are now officially taking payments for MOH (ministry of health NZ) if you are a patient and in need of forms , consultations and more info please contact regarding on caraj.stylist@gmail.com and we can help you through this process.  Fraud and theft of any of the CaraJae hair line will be prosecuted and to the fullest by law enforcement.   

Orders. Business hours are 9-6 Monday-Friday Christchurch time NZL. Our after hours staff are able to reach you via email if you have any questions and need them answered asap, or find the pop up bubble on our website for quick questions to be answered.  Buying online is available 24/7 but please bare in mind the world times as may not be processed straight away.  If you place an order on the Friday it will not be processed until the following Monday ,unless it is a public holiday.  It will then be shipped and delivered within the working week.  Shipping cost is made at checkout, NZ is free shipping, AUS is $15 standard shipping and world wide is $25 standard shipping. 

Products. If there is any stock that is unavailable on our website a out of stock will be shown on the unit. If you request an item that has sold out on the website please do not hesitate to get in contact with us with your payment options and we can put you on the pre order list for that item. be aware that this delivery of your pre order could take up to 3 weeks. Our prices of units are subject to change without notice therefore if we receive a payment that you want to exchange for another the next unit could be more so an added fee will be applied to your order, we will notify you any changes before proceeding with your order. All wigs are shipped out with lace still attached to show no one has worn your unit you have purchased unless requested otherwise. The full lace wigs that are produced are the most natural wigs on the market today, this means you are able to part your hairline where desired, It works well with measurements closest to your cap size.Full lace wigs don't give full ear coverage but are able to be moved forward via wig cap glue or tape to secure around the ear area. Baby hairs are great to give you more of a realistic feel around hairline.

  Copyright.  Any individual/group photos/ any media belonging to Cara Jae must be approved and finalized by one of the Cara Jae parties. any of the unauthorized use may violate the trade laws and regulations .

 Refunds. We at Cara Jae wigs take a lot of time and pride in high levels of quality goods we provide to you.  We thoroughly inspect each and every one of our handmade units to ensure the best quality guaranteed, before shipping them off to your required destination to make sure Cara Jae wigs is not responsible for any damage that occurs . Because of this we would like you to make 100% sure before purchasing that what you have ordered is the correct ,and have viewed and approved photos delivered by Cara Jae wigs. As we only give refunds if the unit is FAULTY. Faulty meaning it is not up to Cara Jae wig standards, meaning if you find a hole in the lace before cutting or bands and clips are faulty ,excessive loss of hair etc.  Faulty unit, if decided it is faulty has to be addressed to Cara Jae wigs within 48 hours of receiving the unit and making sure the lace around the hairline has NOT been cut or worn ,if the wig hasn't been cut it can be returned within 48 hours of receiving the unit.  Cara Jae wigs cannot resell if lace is cut so please insure you haven't cut or have requested cutting as this wig cannot be refunded.  If you request the cutting of the lace by the company before receiving the unit you are to be aware that there will be NO refund due to to cutting of the lace. Which means it cannot be resold by Cara Jae wigs as policy states all units are to be shipped out with lace attached to the wig to show no one has worn their custom item and is authentically made for them. If the product is not in the same condition as previously shipped then we are unable to give a refund, (this includes cutting of the lace around the hairline),(no holes and no cutting of the lace).. Before we can issue a refund, the product must be sent back to Cara Jae wigs in the same condition as delivered.If there are any other conditions we have not mentioned we are not liable to give an exchange.All Cara Jae wigs are 130% density to insure the natural nature of a wig, please if you need more density insure you indicate this in your consult so we can add a weft or more hair to the lace for more thickness.  Once your consultation with a Cara Jae party is agreed upon,and your custom/Bespoke made item and Deposit/ full payment is made it can not be refunded by change of mind,if your circumstances change or you find a product elsewhere ,as these wigs/materials are all custom ordered for your individual needs and are usually ordered same day to make sure we can process your order as efficiently and accurately as possible.

If we have agreed to exchange your ready to ship purchase ,the wig must be in original condition if we can tell you have not worn the product we will refund your order. 

We at Cara Jae wigs are not liable for the loss of a packaged item.  The wig must be shipped back within 3 days of purchase. The unit must be sent back with all added extras and packaging or a refund will not be given .Any sale items cannot be refunded. If the wig is damaged there will be no refund. Customized orders are done via one on one consultation via email , in person or internet form, and agreed upon both parties at the beginning of the wig process , with updates photos and user email guide. Once agreed on colour and wig itself it is then sent away. Because it is a one off item and made exclusively for your own purpose there is no refund.  A non refundable deposit of half of the value of the custom wig is kept via Cara Jae Wigs as a certainty of sale. If we can prove that the lace has NOT been cut and is in a faulty condition ( sent back to Cara Jae wigs) we can consider refunding the other half of the wig pricing. Please note we do not give refunds for change of mind of the colour of the wig once shipped, If you feel the colour doesn't suit you.

We send you photos of your wig before it is shipped to ensure you agree on the full product as that is the time to change anything you are not comfortable with OR request a refund of half of your full payment.  Payment plans are structured to everyone's individual needs , and we are more than happy to help in this situation. There are many options available. If you miss a weekly payment you will be granted with an email, which lets you know you have missed a weekly payment. If Cara Jae wigs does not receive a payment from the customer within 20 days of their last payment we will assume you no longer require your custom item anymore and will be up for resale without refund. If you have made half of your non refundable deposit and then no longer require your custom wig we will be entitled to keep that deposit as a loss of trade but you will be able to stop the rest of the payments. If you have paid more than the deposit, and before shipment decide its not for you we will refund the excess money amount into you account within 10 working days,we will keep deposit amount of half of the wigs purchase price. If you have used a provider eg: GENOAPAY , LAYBUY for payments it will be up to you to cancel your plan with them.  Customers are able to take advantage of all video tutorials,emails sent, photos and media posts to stay updated on our product before purchasing you you can get the best results in your own home. And able to choose the correct wig unit for you. 

 Size does matter, please choose the selection of your cap size correctly S,M,L only,as we do not refund if it is the wrong size unit. Unfortunately we only cater to 3 wig sizes, anything smaller ,there will be a risk in it not fitting and there are only certain measurements we can take to make it any smaller for you. It is up to you to measure this. There is a link that is available to you to show you how to measure your head correctly by scrolling down to the bottom of the screen to the chart or can be emailed to you before hand to have the measurements saved in your private settings. 

Also available is a one on one consult with one of our friendly staff to guide you in the right direction if requested.If your Wig size is too big we can happily assist you in making it smaller, by either sending it back or a visit to office.  All shipping and handling is at the customers expense therefore we do suggest that sending through courier that provides you with shipping confirmations and tracking number. Some countries have important restrictions on certain goods and materials. transfer liability then passes to you once shipment is sent. This means you will be the liable importer and be liable for any local taxes or gst in your country of shipment.  Thank you From everyone here at Cara Jae wigs Please find cap size chart below: Cap Sizes.  Wig cap sizing- Small, Medium ,Large. Please view and measure the circumference of your head.


If you are having difficulty or have any questions please email caraj.stylist@gmail.com and I can help.